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COBRE Pilot/Feasibility Grant Request for Applications 2019-2020
Currently Accepting: Applications
Deadline: 5/24/2019
Funding Entity: COBRE
Award: $25,000.00-$75,000.00

Purpose: Funds are available to support 4 to 8 P&F grants from the Pennington COBRE. Clinical/translational or basic science proposals may request budgets from $25,000 to $75,000. The major objective of this program is to provide research support to test innovative hypotheses regarding metabolic diseases related to the COBRE and the Clinical Science Faculty at PBRC, as well as their collaborators and PIs at sister institutions within the LSU system. The COBRE will give its highest priority to research related to obesity and diabetes, including excellent projects that relate to this global theme through nutritional interventions or preventive medicine approaches. The proposed research could involve some aspect of nutrient absorption, nutrient metabolism, cellular nutrient sensing or signaling, genetics of nutrition-related chronic diseases, brain and peripheral regulation of caloric and nutrient intake, and studies of energy metabolism and energy expenditure.

  • One Letter of Intentent per submission
  • Submission Limit: 1 per Applicant.
  • Upload only pdf files
  • Only 1 file for each Letter of Intent
  • Only 1 file for each Application